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We are building a team of financial partners so that we can give Grace Bomb away.


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We are building a team of financial partners so that we can give Grace Bomb away.

The Vision & Story

"Son of man, can these bones live?"
That is an excerpt from the prophet Ezekiel in the Old Testament. In this vision the Prophet is anticipating the day that God would turn hearts of stone into living hearts - alive to Him. This finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus, who by grace through faith makes us alive to God. The endgame of Grace Bombing is to get people looking up - pointing people to Jesus and helping people walk with Jesus.

There are lots of dry bones out there in the world who are thirsty for a taste of grace - a drop of no-strings attached love - a nudge to perhaps rethink Jesus and the Church.

There are even dry, or weary, bones in the church in the form of followers of Jesus who are sleepwalking in their faith, not connecting Sunday mornings to regular life - who need simple and practical help in putting Jesus' words into action.

This is why we are starting The Grace Bomb Company, a non-profit organization that exists to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to exercise grace for the sake of the Kingdom.

Here's how things came about...

As a teaching pastor, the theme of "grace bomb" came up regularly in sermons. During my first sabbatical I intended to begin to write a book tracing the topic of God's grace. My wife Kristen also envisioned a book that was more than a book, one that created interaction and community around the concept of grace giving. We needed a way to begin to help Sunday morning spectators get in the game of loving people, and fulfilling their purpose.

After that summer I began to write, but the project completely stalled out. The Lord had more for us to learn apparently!

2 years later, I was encouraged by my mentor Greg to preach a sermon series exclusively about Grace Bomb, and then commit to writing it based on that series. This led to collaborating with the creative team at Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD as to how best to make the series interactive and community building. It was then the interactive website and grace bomb cards were born and branded. These tools serve as training wheels in getting church attenders in the game and moving towards the Great Commission of Matthew 28, by getting on with the Golden Rule of loving your neighbor as yourself.

The response to this series was tremendous - and stories flooded in fast. Some of these stories made it into the book, others lived online, and some have not yet been retold. We saw dry bones coming alive - and quickly realized how needed this idea is in churches and other faith communities who are looking to take Jesus seriously.

Then the BIG questions were...

How can we continue to give this simple idea and tool for everyday neighbor loving away? How can we load people all over the nation with grace bomb cards and content? How can we continue to capture and share these amazing stories for the sake of spurring more on to love and good works? How can we drop an inspirational teaching series at hungry churches? How do we put this in the hands of business leaders who want to make a kingdom impact in their communities? How could this encourage college students and bring together campus ministries? And how can we accomplish all these things for free, with no strings attached, for its recipients?

The answers led us to where we are today: starting this Non-Profit 501(c)(3) business, that exists to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to exercise grace for the sake of the Kingdom. We want to Grace Bomb people with Grace Bomb.

This is where YOU come in...

We are building a team of financial partners so that we can give Grace Bomb away. This fundraising effort covers both fixed and variable costs for launching in new Churches, helping businesses Grace Bomb, and eventually blessing college students through fun regional rallies.

We are building this non-profit as we go - the movement is already in motion. To catch a glimpse of this check out updates and stories on the Grace Bomb website, Instagram, and FaceBook page. You may also see and hear stories as people share on their own media platforms using #gracebomb.

We would love for you to prayerfully consider jumping on board with us and get involved in the business of helping grace built people grace bomb people, of helping dry bones come alive! And yes, all gifts are tax deductible. You can partner with us right here online!

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