Launching Grace Bomb

We are building a team of financial partners so that we can give Grace Bomb away.

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We are building a team of financial partners so that we can give Grace Bomb away.

Join the team to build Grace Bomb!

In the Summer of 2017 a new idea emerged called "Grace Bomb." A small and simple tool paired with an interactive website gave permission for thousands to become missionaries at any point during their regular days. A movement of Obedience to Jesus' simple call to love our neighbors began, and within 2 years of its inception, Grace Bomb has spread into the entire country, and we are just getting started.

Here's why Grace Bomb is needed.

Most good churches around the US focus on project driven community outreach, or periodic global missions trips. While these are needed, they fall short in equipping the people to carry out the Great Commandment, or Golden Rule, in their everyday walks of life. After we "serve the city" or get home from the mission field, we tend to get back to "normal" life. I know this from experience! And for many church folk, we won't begin to see ourselves as disciple makers, until we get stronger at being neighbor lovers. Most church people know they should be putting Jesus' words into practice, but just don't know how to start come Monday. Grace Bomb can begin to change this.

The plan starts here.

We have started this Non-Profit 501(c)(3) ministry, that exists to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to exercise grace for the sake of the Kingdom. We make cards available for free, capture and curate the real stories incited by them, and share those stories so that believers can be spurred on by one another to love and good works. As the movement grows, obedience grows, faith muscles are strengthened, and more people are seeing the light of the Church shine in a myriad of ways. (While we have seen Grace Bomb recipients respond to the good news of Jesus, this movement is first for the believer, and is secondarily a primer for those lost or seeking.)

We will make cards free for all, mailing them anywhere in the world. We also will collect and curate stories online through the website ( and related social media accounts @grace.bomb. In addition to this, we will begin to produce biblical teaching that will accompany the movement.

This is where YOU come in...

We are fundraising to continue to perpetuate the movement that has already begun. We would love for you to prayerfully consider jumping on board with us in financial support of the movement of helping grace built people grace bomb people.By supporting Grace Bomb you are allowing many across the country, among all different denominations, to be equipped with a practical resource to exercise their faith. Would you consider being one of them by becoming a recurring donor? Would you consider joining the Bomb Squad?